2020 - Year in Review

That “P” word….

These 365 days have felt like the longest decade ever! We cannot really talk about the year that was without acknowledging we are still working our way through a global pandemic, something that has affected all of us, none more so than our health sector. Throw in a dose of home schooling for all the parents out there and we think you will agree, seeing the back of 2020 will be a welcomed view.

But as the world around us changed, so did we. Here is a small snippet of our year that was….

We moved

Here at Ortek we have taken advantage of the turn of events to focus on growth. This resulted in Kevin finding us a new dedicated warehouse… or two! Because let’s face it, two is always better than one, right? Lots of space, new offices for the crew and a place to let our creative juices flow.

We grew

Moving was a huge and exciting change that provided us the opportunity to grow our team. Sam (you will hear his name a lot) came on board as our Warehouse and Inventory Manager.

Increasing the numbers further, Mandi joined the team in the last month. She’s in charge of our socials, helping us build our brand and take our business further as our Business Development Manager.

With new faces and talents in the team, this has given our inhouse advice and design expert Terry a chance to focus on what he does best, providing gold standard storage solutions for our customers.

2020 Projects - H+H Flexshelf System leads from the front again!

Speaking of customers, our year has been actioned packed. The biggest project and focus for the year was the completion of K-Block at the Royal Hobart Hospital. This project saw the completion of 10 floors for patient services with a capacity of 315 beds, a loading dock, plantrooms and even a helipad with a lift lobby. It is HUGE! Ortek was there for every step through the project to provide advice and design ensuring customized, flexible storage solutions were delivered to help drive efficiencies and increase their storage capacity. We’re super proud of all the hard work and design that went into that project (high five team), but let's face it, with our world class product, H+H Flexshelf System, it isn't hard.

Innovation – 2020 demanded it

COVID has taught us that doing business differently is essential. Like with any major event, innovation rises to the top and the brains trust of Sam and Terry led to the development of pre-assembled “ready to use” storage solutions. Where appropriate, we have been delivering pre-assembled bays, complete with dividers and label holders, on pallets direct to the hospital loading docks. This means we eliminate the need for unnecessary bodies in and around our hospitals for on-site assembly, to help reduce risk to all involved. We love this creative genius and so do our customers that have taken advantage of this pre-assembled solution.

Radiation and Protection Apparel and Equipment – INFAB still the best

Natalie continued to share her extensive knowledge and advice to our radiation apparel and equipment customers. It is proven our customers love the INFAB product and continue to come back time and time again for refreshing stock and kitting out new staff in the most comfortable and highest certified radiation protection aprons on the globe.

Boarders closed? No drama we have INFAB Sizing Skins

Our service literally has no boundaries and COVID has not stopped us, in fact the rollout of INFAB sizing skins has allowed our radiology customers to size up their safety apparel accurately and in their own time. We have received great feedback about this solution and Natalie will continue to work with our customers to provide this service where appropriate, on an ongoing basis.

Something new and shiny (or sterile in this case)

Sometimes you must try new things. With this in mind Ortek has invested in an amazing new product from Denmark, our “demo” sterile list trolley – insert Sam here again – with his innovative and creative talents, Sam has managed to create a safe and durable shipping solution that has made possible the introduction of our new 4-week trials for the demo trolley, currently being shipped out to hospitals allowing staff to put it through it’s paces and provide us much welcomed feedback.

2021 we are coming for you!

So what can we expect when we look forward to 2021?

More cool solutions. We are currently developing a "measure your own space" tool kit. This will provide a COVID safe, easy to use solution that limits unnecessary exposure, providing time effective solutions whilst working around any travel restrictions that we may be experiencing....watch this space!

And of course, we will continue to provide exceptional advice, design and service!

We are a team that pushes ourselves to lean into challenging times to innovate and identify ways to do things differently and better. We listen to you. We want your feedback and to understand what challenges you’re facing so we can respond accordingly and meaningfully.

So whatever you have to throw at us 2021, we WILL be ready!

From the Ortek family to yours, we wish you a very safe and happy Christmas and a healthy 2021.

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