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The H+H FlexShelf system delivers ultimate storage flexibility for use in hospital and healthcare applications.

Made from Aircraft grade aluminium, the system is both strong and long lasting, being perfect for medical environments as it will never chip or rust


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Expands with your storage needs

Continue to add additional bays to meet your storage demand.

Each bay shares its side frame with the next, reducing the overall space requirement and minimising cost.


Accessible at any height

ABS and Polycarbonate baskets that pull out and angle down, giving everyone easy access at any height. Additionally, the baskets can be mounted in the FlexShelf at a permanent angle for even more user friendly access

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Infinitely Divisible

A divider system to manage all your products.

The ability to divide the system to match the variety of products used in any medical situation, keeping alike products together in a single basket but separated for stock control 



Universal module solution

ISO Standard baskets used across your whole system, giving a single solution for labeling, dividing and managing your consumables at all stages, from the Main Store, to transport carts, to the workstation and then to the point of care, all using the same system.


Fluid management 

Safely store heavy IV Fluids so that they are accessible to staff without compromising their health and safety. ISO Module baskets mounted on telescopic rails that extend 110%, giving staff full access to the product without the need to support the weight of the fully loaded basket. 



Increased capacity

Upgrading from traditional storage methods to the Flexshelf system can see a 30% efficiency increase, whether used to increase the storage capacity of a store room or reduce the storage footprint for existing stock levels.


H+H FlexShelf System

A video demonstrating the Flexibility of the FlexShelf system and its ability to change and grow with your requirements.

H+H Module System

A video demonstrating the advantages of an ISO module system and the options available.

H+H Label System

A demonstration of the H+H labeling system for use within the ISO modules and other H+H accessories