Aluminium based Threatre Trolley capable high range pH washer cleaning.

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Sterilius Trolleys have an engineered proprietary coating providing a higher PH resistance than standard Anodized aluminium, allowing for use in cart washers with a detergents of ph3-ph12.


Constructed from Aluminium, the trolleys are light, strong, and easily maneuvered by hospital staff, reducing the risk of injuries, and are overall a more pleasurable user experience.


Trolleys are fitted with Tente UAP150 Dual wheel castors, which provide a significant improvement in handling over standard single wheel castors, while also providing a central brake activation pedals for easy stowing.


The Sterilius Trolleys were designed in partnership with Danish Industrial Designer Hans Christian-Baur (b.1980) in a process known as “user-driven innovation” – that during design, development and testing, the focus is on the users' experiences and wishes



The Sterilius Trolleys are coated in a proprietary material capable of withstanding detergents in cart washers with a pH range from pH3 to pH12, substantially greater than regular anodized aluminium, and near comparable to stainless steel.

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Compatable with both stainless steel trays, stainless steel and ABS* baskets the trolley can fit right into your current workflow, however you store you instrument sets. 

Available in several different sizes and orientations, the Sterilius Trolley is suitable for all clean stock and sterile environment uses. 

Units available in both single and doubles, ranging in heights of 1106mm, 1316mm and 1576mm, giving options to suit both your washer and your hoist (if your CSD and Theatre stock rooms are on seperate floors). 

*ABS Baskets not suitable for cart washer cleaning

Tente UAP150 Dual rolling castors allow the Sterilius trolley to be easy move from area to area with little effort. Weighing 50kg unloaded, these are one of the lightest cart washer friendly, enclosed, sterile use trolleys on the market. 

The UAP150 Castors have 2 pedals to action the brake and directional lock on the 4 castors. 1 pedal actions the 2 front castors, and 1 actions the rear, both being accessible easily by foot. 


A directional lock option is also installed. Lifting the pedal, the castors will rotate and lock into a forward and back direction, allowing heavy loads to be more easily manoeuvred. 




We offer a free trialing program, allowing you to use the trolley as required for a 2-4 week period. This gives you the oppertunity to make sure that the unit will work in your environment and that your staff will enjoy using it. 

We can also offer testing samples of the Sterilius coating for you to place in your washers for an extended period to ensure that it can handle the detergents you use. 


Sterilius is part of our Modular Storage Solution Family of products

Create a storage system in your facility that flows through your Stores to your Threatres, Wards and right up to at patient care, all within the same infrastructure.

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