The 103 is the apron for me!

It's pretty simply really why our pick is the Revolution 103! I guess you could call it the Rolls-Royce in radiation protection aprons. Let's check out why....

  • FULL Protection even without the overlap! (see TYPE 1 in the diagram) Yes, that's right. Unlike other aprons (see TYPE 2 in the diagram for examples of other aprons), the Revolution 103 has you fully protected, side seam to side seam, with your chosen protection level AND doubles at the overlap.

  • Protection for your shoulder area. These aprons have full protection all the way to the top seam so your shoulders are fully protected. This area is often overlooked.

  • Customisable - need a lower neckline? Perhaps you're super tall and need some additional length in your apron, this baby is fully customisable to fit you! No "one size fit's all" approach here!

  • Cool Wear Moisture-Wicking fabric - every Revolution apron has this as standard.

  • Removable Black Belt® - fitted into the skirt to provide better lumbar support

But what else makes this apron the pick of the bunch?

Well, you can pick your choice of colours, and yes you can customise the fit, and YES you can personalise it with your name. But really, when it all boils down to it, what do our healthcare professionals really want?

Comfort. Safety. Reliability.

Certified to the highest standards internationally, KIARMOR by-layer material is the only lead-free material that passes all three universally recognised testing procedures

  • ASTM F3094-14

  • IEC 61331-1:2014

  • DIN 6857-1

But don't take our word for it. INFAB believe in full transparency and have made all testing results publicly avaiable and can be downloaded from our website.

Do you want to be wearing the safest, the most comfortable apron that can take you to any hospital, anywhere in the world? Our customers do, and that is why, the 103, is the apron for me!

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