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Are you looking to overcome and avoid the supply chain issues our Health Industry is currently experiencing?

When your hospital makes the move to rigid container storage, the focus naturally becomes about storing them.  How do you store the new containers appropriately? 

We have worked closely with our manufacturer and our innovative solution meets the new demands place on our CSSD Managers.  Preassembled and ready to be shipped to you, our Steri-Shelf bays can be customised to store your containers and instrument trays. 

Our innovative idea ticks so many boxes. It’s dynamic, fit for purpose, convenient, empowers healthcare professionals to control the solution schedule and, removes unnecessary workers in your hospitals to keep your team safer.

Delivered right to your loading dock, simply wheel it into place and away you go. 

Get in touch today to find out how we can help your hospital move to a storage system that ticks all the boxes. 

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