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Hospital Storage

The H+H FlexModul tray and basket system can be combined with the H+H FlexShelf to deliver the ultimate in flexible and durable modular storage for use in hospital and healthcare applications.


Easy to use labeling system allows the creation of incredibly high density storage without sacrificing the ability to quickly find what you are looking for, and ensures accurate replenishment.

Baskets and trays can be adjusted to perfectly suit their intended purpose with the use of the best divider system on the market. The dividers can be moved with a simple "pinch and slide" action making adjustment incredibly easy.



Telescopic runners allow extremely heavy loads (up to 50kg) to be fully extended ensuring the safest possible way to access heavy goods.

The H+H FlexShelf System is constructed from aluminium frames making it incredibly strong and lightweight.

The FlexModul tray and basket systems are available in ISO standard sizes made from durable ABS plastic or clear Polycarbonate materials.